“The rocky oceans show”


Promoted by WWF Miramare Marine Protected Area and the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics

"The rocky oceans show".

22th April, on the occasion of World Earth Day, TRETAMARA will also be discussed at the WWF Area webinar promoted by AMP Miramare and OGS

What do we really know about what happens to the "earth" underwater?
What is "moving" on the seabed of the Northern Adriatic between gaseous emissions, small "volcanoes" and rocky outcrops?
How is the coastline of our Gulf changing, partly as a result of the climate crisis?

We will talk about this on 22 April at 5.30 pm, together with some experts from OGS and UNITS.
The experts: Federica Donda and Diego Borme of OGS, and Stefano Furlani University of Trieste.
Moderation and direction by Saul Ciriaco of AMP Miramare, Shoreline Soc Coop.

We will be accompanied by visual thinker Jacopo Sacquegno, who, with his conceptual maps created in real time, will help us "visualise" and better understand the interventions of the three speakers.

22 April 17.30 on zoom https://bit.ly/2PNXGjs

Also live on Zoom and on the Facebook pages of WAP, OGS and TRETAMARA.