CONA: International Water Day 2019 - "Let's drink tap water"


On the occasion of International Water Day, Vodovodi in kanalizacija d.d. prepared a consultation, entitled Let's drink tap water!". They spoke about water supply and projections for the future. On this occasion, they awarded the "Tap Water" Certificate to two ministries.

Guests and speakers at the event were Alojz Kovšca (National Councilor), Miran Lovrič (Director of Vodovodi in kanalizacija d.d.), Lučka Kajfež Bogataj (climatologist) and others.

A special part of the event was devoted to the presentation of the CONA project and the preliminary conceptual design with the proposal of a sustainable arrangement along the Koren stream in Slovenia by a member of the project team Mitja Gorjan.

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