Earth day 2018


On Sunday, 22 April 2018, EARTH DAY is celebrated. The Programme Interreg V-A Italia Slovenia 2014-2020 also adheres to the largest environmental event on the planet that this year focuses on the mobilization of the world to eliminate plastic pollution. EARTH DAY is the only time when all the citizens of the world come together to celebrate the Earth and promote its protection. Here are just a few examples of the various projects funded by the Programe Italy-Slovenia  that contribute to the protection of the planet.


The project MobiTour promotes the sustainable mobility of coastal tourist areas and in the cross-border hinterland. The main objective of MobiTour is the joint planning of actions and strategies of sustainable mobility to promote the use of alternative means of transport and reduce pollution, promoting a better connection between coastal areas and the hinterland. As part of the MobiTour activities and the first Focus Groups with local stakeholders, the participants stressed the need to promote a "culture of sustainability" by actively involving citizens, economic operators, local authorities and tourists in future actions and strategies. This "culture of sustainability" is strongly connected with one of the four pillars of the "End Plastic Pollution" campaign 2018: "To educate people all over the world to take personal responsibility for plastic pollution".

The project INTER BIKE II  promotes sustainable mobility and sustainable tourism using bicycles in combination with other modes of transport. The local population and visitors from the Italian-Slovenian cross-border area currently involved in the ongoing project activities are aware of the respectful behavior of the environment, including the disposal of waste in rest areas along the cycle paths.

Theproject  ENERGY CARE also contributes to the global mobilization for the elimination of pollution generated by plastics. Shortly 30 citizens of the project areas (Trieste, San Donà di Piave and Capodistria) will become testimonials for the promotion of environmentally friendly lifestyles, including the improvement of the separate collection of plastic materials.

For more information on the initiative visit the official website EARTH DAY and EARTH DAY ITALIA.


Good World Earth Day!






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