Event for presenting results of WP3.1 of the DIVA project


Online seminar "Territory and Design. Geographies of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and their Experiences of Collaboration with Traditional Businesses in Italy and Europe".


16 December 2020

9.00 am - 6.30 pm


To learn more: http://www.iuav.it/Ricerca1/EVENTI-IUA9/Territorio/index.htm


In recent years, applied and policy-oriented research has paid particular attention to the cultural and creative sectors in relation to the contribution of innovation made to production processes and urban transformations, achieved also thanks to the support of important public policies. The conference has a twofold objective. On the one hand, it aims to provide some mapping experiences of an elusive and difficult to be identified activity sector such as the cultural and creative ones, with the aim of highlighting the articulation of the approaches adopted in various European countries. On the other hand, it tries to report on some practices of collaboration between creative-cultural sectors and traditional businesses, placing them within the institutions, policies and territories that have supported them.


Promoted by:

Iuav University of Venice

"Citylab" and "DesTe" Research Clusters

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