GeoKarst - Presentation of the Gateway to the Karst business and information centre


On Wednesday, 10 February 2021, the Public Service Agency Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija held an online presentation of the Gateway to the Karst project.

The facility was presented by Borut Peric, Head of the Park Škocjanske jame Professional Services, while the design was presented by Aporia d.o.o., a local company from Sežana that won the bid to draw up the project documentation. Creating the documentation for the Gateway to the Karst facility is one of the key activities of the Public Service Agency Park Škocjanske jame in the GeoKarst project.

The Gateway to the Karst business and information centre, situated near the Divača motorway exit in the Risnik business zone, will serve as an entry to the emerging cross-border geopark and a logistic centre for visitors.

The facility will house a centre for interpreting the geological heritage of Classical Karst, a tourist information centre, a shop selling typical local products and souvenirs, a restaurant, two offices and a meeting room. For the restaurant in particular, expressions of interest will be sought from private investors. Bathroom facilities will be available, as well as parking for cars and buses with electric vehicle charging stations.

The target groups are tourists visiting the main sights in Slovenia (Bled, the Postojna Cave, Piran, the Škocjan Caves, the Lipica Stud Farm), daily visitors from Italy, daily visitors from Slovenia to the Karst and people stopping on their way to the seaside.  

The Gateway to the Karst will improve the visibility of the Karst and provide an innovative interpretation of the geological heritage. As a logistic centre, it will contribute to sustainable mobility and sustainable tourism development as well as creating new jobs. It will serve as a link between tourist destinations in the Karst, including geological sights such as the Škocjan Caves, the Giant Cave, the Glinščica gorge and the Karst Edge as well as other natural and cultural sights.

As part of the GeoKarst project, the Škocjan Caves Park will draw up the project documentation and the logistic, strategic and communication plan for the Gateway to the Karst. The documentation will be obtained by the end of 2021, while the facility is projected to open in early 2024.

The presentation was followed by a short press conference.

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