Test benches are already collecting data for the project DURASOFT


To determine the lifespan of wood in ecologically sensitive environments, the project partner Biotechnical Faculty set up test benches at five Slovenian locations in Seča, Velika Planina, Bilje and Ljubljana, and one in Italy in Doberdob.

All model benches are identical and therefore equipped with wood moisture sensors. Each bench is made of 5 different softwood materials. Tested were spruce wood, Scots pine, larch, thermally modified spruce wood and biocide-protected spruce wood (Silvanolin). The installed moisture content sensors provide information about the moisture content of the individual materials. The moisture content of wood is a key factor that determines the service life of wood.

Based on measurements, after one year we can estimate which of the tested materials is best suited for use under certain climatic conditions. In order to gain what, reliable data, which we will continue to use as long as the benches are still safe enough to use.

The results obtained can have a significant impact on increasing the use of sustainable materials and preserving the environment and the economics of wood use, especially traditional industries such as agriculture, maritime transport and tourism.

Among the goals of the project, for greater use of naturally renewable materials even after the completion of the project, is the connection of companies that produce solutions for the protection of wood and those who use such wood. In this way, the project partners want to achieve the harmony of sustainable approaches by preserving the environment, cultural landscape and cultural heritage of wood in ecologically sensitive areas and in traditional industries.

Velika planina bench_panka_klopVelika planina bench_panka_klop
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