On 18 March 2020, the 3rd project partners meeting was held as part the MerlinCV project activities. Due to the Corona Virus epidemic, the meeting was organized as an online conference. The video conference was attended by representatives of all project partners.

During the meeting, various issues were raised, especially dealing with adjustments needed due to the Corona Virus epidemic. As the epidemic made the postponement of some project activities (e. g. workshops) necessary, there is possibility of having to ask for extension of the duration of project activities. However, project partners were made aware not to postpone those activities, that could be carried out already and to continue their work within the existing deadlines.

Ivana Štrkalj (ZRS Koper) presented the status of reporting and the achievement of financial goals. It was also agreed that she will send a table containing information on the estimated planed expenditures and executed payments made so-far to all partners. The partners discussed upcoming meetings of project partners. Instead of the meeting planned in Koper for March 2020 the Skype conference was held. A second partner meeting will take place in Trieste in September 2020, the organization was taken over by ARIES. Another partner meeting is expected to be hosted by Comunità Collinare in March (instead of January as originally planned) 2021.

Next, the topic of workshops was raised. Due to the epidemic, the organization of workshops unfortunately has to be postponed, but partners were asked to nevertheless continue with possible preparations, especially by keeping in contact with each other and assisting each other with preparation for future workshops.

At the end, Tilen Glavina (ZRS Koper) mentioned the work done on itinerary for the web-application. The partners will be asked to send a list of castles or villas which are to be included and added to the list by ZRS Koper and University Ca’ Foscari. Collinare already has some established bike trails, which will be added as well.