Workshop Retracking (Pordenone)


On 11 July 2019, a Retracking workshop on glass fiber-reinforced composites (GFRC) was held in Pordenone, Italy, where stakeholders discussed key issues regarding the proper management of waste containing GFRC. One of the major challenges identified was that the European List of Waste does not assign a clear, specified code to this type of waste. It provides a number of codes for plastic materials in general, but not for waste containing fiberglass, even though the proper classification of this type of waste is essential for its proper management. That is why the Retracking project partners prepared a Waste Catalog of the Program Area, presented at the workshop, which proposes the classification of different types of waste containing GFRC and associates them with a code related to the European Waste List. The workshop also presented in more detail the Retracking ICT platform for the management of the recycling processes, which will simplify the logistics of waste management and ensure the traceability of waste and recycled materials.