Activities on project DIVA - WP3.1


Iuav University of Venice is carrying out the coordination activities related to Work Package 3.1. "Creative Industries and Cultural Operators to Support Transborder Innovation and Growth: A Model of Cooperation". These consist of:

  • Conduction of pilot interviews, preliminary to the detection of users' needs through consultations, swot analysis, thematic workshops.
  • Scientific meetings with the various partners involved in the 3 regions for the development of the tracks of field interviews and AAT digital questionnaire.
  • General coordination for the activities of territorial partners involved in the Work Package and participation in listening and involvement activities.
  • Participation in the final presentations of other European Interreg projects (ProjectChIMERA, CulturalCreativeCluster, in order to capitalize their results as envisaged by DIVA project.
  • Elaboration of the first draft of the cross-border cooperation model DIVA, fundamental for the subsequent structuring of the Hubs.