Activity 7 TRETAMARA


WP3.1 - IMPLEMENTATION OF GENERAL DATA / Activity ATT7: Pilot actions in support of biodiversity that can be effectively replicated and will increase cross-border cooperation also in the area of conservation of species and habitats that are still little known.
The TRETAMARA project aims to promote awareness of the importance of bio-constructing species, such as the pillow moth, and to test environmental restoration techniques. To this end, an experiment is being conducted at the Marine Biology Station in Piran (National Institute of Biology) to monitor the growth of small colonies of this coral species. To detect the growth of corallites, researchers are currently using the alizarin staining method. 

Photo 1: Artificial structures supporting the pillow coral colonies used in the experiment (photo: Domen Trkov). 

Photo 2: Measuring the size of individual coral colonies (photo: Domen Trkov).

Photo 3: Staining the colonies with Alizarin dye (photo: Domen Trkov)