The CLEAN BERTH project was presented at a capitalization event of the TRIPLE project “Innovative and sustainable transport and connections between ports and logistics platforms”, co-financed by the Interreg Italy-France Maritime Programme.

TRIPLO's focus is on the improvement and sustainability of commercial ports and connected logistic platforms, through the reduction of noise pollution. In fact, the project stems from a common problem: the high level of noise pollution affecting the areas between the ports and the logistics platforms. The general objective is to develop a cross-border strategy to reduce noise pollution in these areas through the adoption of models for the regularization of traffic flows to be applied to the land handling of goods. In fact, the noise pollution in these areas does not derive only from port activities, but also from related logistical activities.

In February 2021, the project organized a capitalization event with several projects funded by different European Programmes - Interreg, LIFE, LIFE + and Horizon2020 - to discuss how to pool activities and lessons learned in similar contexts.

The CLEAN BERTH project was represented by the Port of Trieste, illustrating the objectives and contents of the project, with particular reference to the pilot action that the Port of Venice will carry out, thanks to which it will be possible to monitor and measure in a precise and accurate manner the noise pollution resulting from maritime traffic.

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