Clean ship hulls: GreenHull develops environmentally friendly solutions for underwater cleaning of biofouling


During the summer months, GreenHull project partners were busy with various activities.

One of the most exciting was the first field test of the new biofouling cleaning attachment prototype developed as a part of the 1st innovative green technology. The cleaning attachment is specifically designed for the new multisensorial remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) under development and is connected by a hose to the 2nd innovative green technology, i.e. wastewater treatment plant on the surface. There the dirty seawater containing biofouling debris will be cleaned and thereafter returned into the sea.

The cleaning attachment prototype was operated manually and tested in simulated conditions to assess its performance and cleaning efficacy.

First test results showed excellent cleaning performance on artificial surfaces. During the field trial valuable data was collected and it will be used for further design improvements of the cleaning attachment prototype.

The GreenHull consortium partners are confident to run the first field trials in marine environment in the first months of the next year.