The data sent by the twelve devices are captured and entered into the database on the server of the School Center Nova Gorica. The data is captured each time the station sends it, so the capture interval is not predetermined. The saved data is then displayed in a web application.

The application on the entry page shows the locations of the devices and the latest measurements at each station (temperature, humidity, amount of precipitation). As it is desirable to also have data on the meteorological alarm, freely available data from the ARSO - Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia are also shown. For each station, you can also view the details of measurements at that station in one day, a week or a month, and you can view data about an individual station live. The web application was created by a student of Vocational College of School Center Nova Gorica.

The web application is available at

The works in this set include:

  • Unloaders: ZBDV K, RVV G, RVV K, RVV EF, RVV CD, RVV B, RVV RJ3 and RVV 8; display of levels and flow of water that is relieved when a precipitation wave occurs;
  • Reservoir and pumping station ZBDV Erjavčeva: inflow of wastewater and flow that is pumped towards the Nova Gorica WWTP;
  • Display of data from weather stations (amount of precipitation).

The application makes it possible to monitor the state of precipitation and sewage network in real time on the basis of new data, as well as to determine the amount of unloaded water. At the same time, the flow of wastewater from the area of ​​Nova Gorica to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nova Gorica is also shown. These data allow the preparation of a treatment plant according to the current conditions (eg. unusual inflow of wastewater, first precipitation wave).