Irisacqua S.r.l. as part of the CONA project, carried out project interventions for the adaptation and insurance of four unloaders in the area of ​​the municipality of Monfalcone.

The works included the reconstruction of unloaders, with the aim of reducing and controlling discharges into surface waters. The outflow channels were equipped with cleaning and bypass devices.

The main objectives achieved can be summarized as follows: At the planning level, the project developed documents containing indications for the adjustment of emissions, installation of weather stations and equipment, as well as the re-naturalization of the Koren stream, which is being implemented through restructuring. The reconstruction of unloaders will have a direct impact on the Soča river basin and on the Isola della Cona nature reserve.

At the same time, the processes envisaging the adaptation and protection of the four straits in Monfalcone will have a direct impact on reducing environmental pressure on the protected area of ​​Cona Island, the heart of the nature reserve, ensuring the ecological status of the aquatic ecosystem and protecting biodiversity to ensure sustainable development and progress.

The initiative represents an important opportunity to continue joint planning, with a special focus on sustainable water management, with a view to preventing environmental and ecological risks, by paying further attention to the dissemination and publication of the activities carried out.

Finished works on unloader on Boschetti streetFinished works on unloader on Boschetti street
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