Crossit Safer: An exercise on flood prevention in Mortegliano


Within the cooperation program Interreg V A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020  ̶  project CROSSIT SAFER - CROSsborder SI-IT cooperation for SAFEr Region, where the Civil Protection of Friuli-Venezia Giulia stands as the lead partner, an exercise focusing on WP 3.3 ̶ Exercises, Trainings and Awareness took place. More specifically, on Saturday, 30 October 2021, in Mortegliano an exercise on flood prevention related to the overflow of the Cormor stream took place.

After overflowing of the Cormor stream north of the town, the Mayor, after activating the Municipal Group of civil protection volunteers for inspections, activated the COC (Municipal Operations Center) to proceed with the evacuation of the homes affected by the event.

In order to support the local unit, the Regional Operations Center was asked to activate Cormor District volunteers; altogether, the intervention included 7 municipalities (Lestizza, Pasian di Prato, Pozzuolo del Friuli, Campoformido, Martignacco, Basiliano, Buja).

Tarpaulin embankments were set up, roads were closed with sandbags, motor pumps with a tank for simulating emptying basements were used and a shelter area covered with camp beds was set up at the municipal gym where the population that participated in the exercise (55 people who resided in the evacuated area) was gathered. Having all the citizens gathered, the whole process of the standard operation procedure was then explained by both the Mayor and the civil protection team.

At the end of the operations, after dismantling the equipment used, the 52 volunteers who intervened together with 3 officials of the Civil Protection of Palmanova reunited for lunch and discussed the procedures adopted during the exercise.