On June 15th, 2016 the four calls No 1/2016 1b, 2/2016 4e, 3/2016 6c, 6d, 6f and 4/2016 11 ETC for standard project’ applications will be shortly i published on the Programme website The application submission will be managed through the on-line System “Front and Generalized system – FEG” elaborated by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. You need to request the registration of your organization through the FVG Login system before the on-line System allows you to fill and submit your application.
The links to access both the Italian/Slovene version of the on-line System will be available on the Programme website after the calls publication. In order to obtain the registration, organizations are requested to upload data/information into the FEG system: Lead partner (LP) and Project partner (PP) must sign the application and the requested documentation with digital signature. Therefore, LP and PP with no digital signature must ask for it to the following certified suppliers: in Italy at Chamber of Commerce, Poste Italiane and others certified suppliers. In Slovenia there are 4 certified suppliers: Ministry for Public Administration, a Post office, a bank and a specialized company. The cost for having the digital signature represents an eligible cost.
For the Slovenian beneficiaries: for the digital signature of the documents there is the possibility to use both the standard qualified digital certificates and the adavanced qualified digital certificates.