ISONZO-SOČA Knitting of the cyclebridge across Soča/Isonzo in photos


These days we are celebrating one year from the signing of the contract for the construction of the footbridge over the Isonzo in Salcano (contract). Despite a slight delay, due to problems with the supply of key construction elements because of the Covid -19 epidemic, today, after a year, the works have reached the final stages. Thanks to the favorable weather conditions, the supporting pylons on both banks of the river were installed in August and all the necessary preparations were made to assemble the footbridge. In the first days of October, the company in charge of the works has already installed supporting steel cables, clamps and vertical hangers, while in these days it is assembling the supporting structure and the suspension bridge is already taking shape. Here are some interesting photos from the construction site that highlight how this project is technically very particular, representing a challenge both from a professional and a constructive point of view, as well as interesting to the observer's eye.

passerella 02 (1)_0.jpg  passerella 03 (1)_0.jpg


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