Iuav DIVA team at work! First steps and next actions


Iuav team is launching a call to participate into DIVA project addressed to SMEs belonging to the CC, high-tech and ICT sectors, scientific and technological centers, and other cultural “engines”.

As leader of the Work Package “Creative Industries and Cultural operators to support transborder innovation and growth: a model of cooperation”, Universita Iuav Di Venezia is starting defining the strategies for the collection, analysis and processing of general data. The main aim will be to identify users’ needs in order to develop a transnational map of actors and stakeholders involved in the creative and cultural industry and sectors, as the preliminary step to the proposal for the DIVA cooperation model.

Architect Claudia Faraone and visual designer Giulia Ciliberto, with the guide of prof. Maria Chiara Tosi, Fiorella Bulegato, and Alberto Bassi, started brainstorming and researching about the mapping methodology and the selection criteria.

Listening and interaction activities will soon be put forward by the researchers in charge, to understand directly from the representatives of the CC industry sector which are the criticalities and the opportunities relying on the collaboration with traditional manufacturing companies, a collaboration that can promote innovation and added values for all.

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Stay tuned!