MobiTour - Mobike goes to the sea at Lignano Sabbiadoro


The summer 2019 in Lignano Sabbiadoro will be remembered as the most sustainable: the introduction of the bike sharing service market leader Mobike, funded with the European Project MobiTour, allowed citizens and tourists to move with zero emissions using a smart and innovative means.

Starting from the 12th of August, 100 Classic and 80 Lite model mobikes were positioned to kick off the official service in the city. Lignano Sabbiadoro is the eleventh city in Italy that joins the Mobike Movement and the first seaside resort. The Mobike users are part of aware and diligent community which is helping to limit the pollution of our cities, the so-called Mobike Movement.

The bike-sharing system chosen by the Municipality is innovative compared to those more known in our cities. Bicycles do not need rakes, they are equipped with Gps, and a patented smart padlock that is unlocked/locked by the app. Bicycles can be traced with Gps, they are equipped with a burglar alarm and some components such as brakes do not work if it is not activated by the app.

The user, through the app, can also report any faults and malfunctions, reporting the bike identification number and description of the problem.

In June 2017 Mobike received a special award from WWF, the “Climate Solver Sustainable Urban Mobility Special Award”, as recognition of an innovative technology and sustainable transport system. Mobike has reached the place n. 27 on the list -Change the World- of Fortune magazine.

Now we just have to pedal to help the environment and to make our cities more sustainable and livable.