NANO-REGION 3 million to develop nanotechnologies


Nanocenter - Center of Excellence on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, one of the partners of the NANO-REGION project, funded by the Interreg VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 program, purchased two instruments within the project, which are crucial for further research and laboratory analyses carried out by Nanocenter for its clients and research partners. Thus, a Stage control for AFM - Atomic Force Microscope was purchased as part of the NANO-REGION project. The stage control provides the microscope with compact active isolation system against vibration disturbances during Atomic Force Microscopy measurements, when measuring topography, work function, and conductivity of layered materials, MBE grown films, depositions of magnetic nanoparticles and similar. Atomic force microscopes are used to analyse a wide range of samples, from nanotechnology and biology to engineering and semiconductors. They are an essential technology available to scientists and researchers to visualize nanometer-sized nanostructures, including measurements of surface roughness and the extent of roughness within a sample.

The rotary applicator is a piece of equipment that enables the application of uniform thin films on flat surfaces with centrifugal force. The solution of materials such as photo-resistors, polymers, adhesion enhancers and similar are sprayed into the centre of a wafer, which is then rotated at high speed. The result is a thin film of selected material on a carrier, which is then used in various applications. Nanomaterials can be applied onto a variety of substrates, such as slices of materials, microscope slides, photomasks, and even small pieces of various other materials.