NANO-REGION presents itself at NanoInnovation


NANO-REGION is presented during the final day of the NanoInnovation conference event of which it is a partner in 2021. NanoInnovation is a consolidated point of reference for the national and international community, active in the field of nanotechnologies.

NANO-REGION this year is a partner of NanoInnovation, the conference that aims to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences on nanotechnologies. In particular, the aim is to present cutting-edge research in the field to a wide audience, and to promote interdisciplinary interactions that are typical of nanosciences.

NANO-REGION organized a round table entitled "How to enable the access of SME to nanotechnologies" whichsaw the presentation of four case studies on virtuous collaborations between small medium enterprises and research institutions in the nanotechnology field.

Consistent with the objectives of the project, in fact, the focus of the event was to illustrate the possible synergies and the ways in which the construction of a bridge was experimented in Italy to connect research and businesses, in particular those small companies that have not enough economical strength to approach nanotechnology on their own.

The event, which will repeat in other locations, was very well attended and constituted a moment of enrichment with different experiences compared and with the exchange of innovative and different formats compared to those experienced within the NANO-REGION project, which suggested possible future developments.

Furthermore, during the same day as a guest of a seminar, two representatives of the NANO-REGION project, one from the Slovenian and one from the Italian partnership, illustrated the objectives, results and ways in which the project has been built in these three years, raising interest and starting an animated debate on technology transfer policies and reserch-businnes cross-fertilization opportunities.