Nuvolak2 is finishing: the project partners are ready and excited about the new adventure that we will start together


After almost 3 years, exactly 33 months, the project Nuvolak2 is going to finish. It was an amazing journey, in which we all learnt a lot. But even more important, what we left behind and what we managed to achieve, within the duration of this ambitious project. Most of the indicators we set, were even surpassed. Concretely in terms of communication:

  • A specially designed project web page (, with a new brand INNO was developed, to enable us more efficiently communicate our main project results and activities
  • 50+ events that we coined INNOtalks were performed in the cross border region of Italy and Slovenia, hosting successful entrepreneurs and other professionals
  • More than 200 blog posts were written (INNOblog) in Slovene, Italian and sometimes English language (
  • A very engaged community was established on the Facebook platform (INNOsharing center - with 3500+ followers and 3450+ likes (increased within the project for 2300 followers & likes) and 1000+ blogs written, as well as on LinkedIN ( and occasionally on Instagram (for the purpose of festINNO event)
  • 27 newsletters were produced and disseminated to our community
  • 55+ videos were recorded about different events we organized, mainly about INNOtalks, so the valuable information might be accessed also after the events and is available on the Mikrobiz portal under “best practices” ( or on You Tube channel “INNOshare”
  • The project and its main results were presented on 20+ different events, also outside the territory, including USA, Malta and New Zealand and promoted with 10+ campaigns on Facebook, Google and other specialized media

In terms of contents we:

  • Extended, upgraded and validated (on 10 startup companies) a new tool for development of marketing and branding activities
  • Mapped 50 startup companies (with interviews and reports) about their innovative marketing activities
  • Performed a quantitative analysis with a report about the innovation activities and the user involvement/co-creation in the process of product/service development on 200 startup companies from Italy and Slovenia
  • Upgraded the Mikrobiz platform ( ) with different elements and functionalities (INNOtools);
    • we extended many contents to the English language,
    • added 2 new forms with instructions (Dynamic brand development and business models),
    • a functionality of “mentoring” (with the database of 20+ supporting institutions and 50+ mentors from a cross border area)
    • a benchmarking tool (to benchmark companies with 200+ startup from Slovenia and Italy along different elements of user co-creation for new products and services development)
    • upgraded the contents with results of the literature review about different marketing tools for innovation and brand development and the summary of results from our quantitative analyses
  • We educated 10+ projects members with the train the trainers activities and 2 field visits that helped them organize 50 workshops and performed 300+ individual informative consultation activities (INNOtips)
  • Performed 30+ visits and exchanges of professionals and entrepreneurs in different academic lectures at both participating universities
  • Opened 2 innovative classrooms (INNOlabs) to support the development of innovative marketing activities with help of ICT; one at University of Primorska, and the other at CaFoscari, Venice
  • Organized 3 festINNO events (festivals of innovation), one of them fully online, with 1500+ participant in 3 years, 55+ workshops, 3 cross boarder INNOvation challenges for the best student entrepreneurship idea and workshops for mixed students. The event was nominated on 16.6. 2020 as Slovenian national winner for the EU award for encouraging entrepreneurship by the SPIRIT organization.


No further comments. Results speak by themselves.

Looking forward to Nuvolak3 project!


Prof. dr. Mitja Ruzzier, project manager