PRIMIS - The Multimedia Centre at the Gravisi Buttorai Palace, in Koper-Capodistria


The Interactive, Digital and Multimedia Italian Museum of Koper will take place at the Palazzo Gravisi Buttorai, owned by the Italian Union of Koper.

The restoration works on the Palace began in November 2019 with the archaeological excavations which ended at the end of April 2020.

The finds found in the upper layers have been dated to the 16th century. Beneath, an older historical phase has been discovered, with two sub-phases: the most recent shows the remains of the foundations of the walls, in the ancient one the remains of wooden buildings. The finds found are represented by ancient roof coverings and several fragments of amphorae.


PRIMIS ristrutt palazzo gravisi.jpg


The public tender for the renovation of the ruins of the building is currently being prepared, which will start in the summer of 2020. Works are scheduled to begin in the autumn of this year.

A detailed article on the restoration of Palazzo Gravisi Buttorai was published in the PRIMIS newsletter # 3 last April. Website address