PRIMIS project: we present the ATS Projekt association



The ATS Projekt association is composed of the Confederation of Slovenian Organizations (SSO), the Slovenian Economic Cultural Union (SKGZ) and the Eupro association. The first two are the reference bodies of the Slovenian community in Italy. The SKGZ is a secular organization while the SSO is inspired by Catholic values. SKGZ and the SSO collaborate in the development of a policy of peaceful coexistence with the majority population and promote a fruitful cooperation between Italy and Slovenia. They operate as an element of union in the Euroregion that stands out not only for its geographical and economic characteristics, but also for the presence of national and linguistic communities. Good neighbourly relations, collaboration for the protection of human dignity, well-being and peace are for both basic values ​​on which to base the economic and cultural development not only of the Slovenian national community in Italy, but also of the entire territory of the Upper Adriatic.



We are committed to the Primis project because we are convinced that the ethnic and linguistic communities in the area represent an enormous potential to develop in terms of tourism development. The wealth of the territory on which our communities live is the key to achieving a successful result. We have been entrusted with an incomparable cultural and historical heritage and a unique naturalistic heritage that are the ideal prerequisites for the development of the activities of the Primis project.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by

Ivo Corva, Project manager – planner with multiple experiences in European projects, formerly LP Project manager of the JezikLingua strategic project, formerly LP Project manager of the ENRI Project, formerly LP Project manager of the ArmoTerTec Project and others.

Martin Lissiach, Project officer - collaborator of the Slovenian Economic Cultural Union, planner and responsible for cultural activities. Former coordinator of the LEX cross-border collaboration project