PRIMIS project: we present the Foundation Centro Studi Transfrontaliero of Comelico and Sappada



The Centro Studi Transfrontaliero of Comelico and Sappada, recognised in 2006, is located in Santo Stefano di Cadore (Belluno) in a Ladin-speaking Dolomites valley, between Italy and Austria. The mission is to promote and encourage contacts and knowledge between cross-border territories, consolidate and promote cultural, commercial, economic and tourist exchanges, protect and enhance the local culture and the mountain environment. Specifically, the Foundation aims to boost, promote and coordinate:

a) cultural and scientific initiatives, regarding all initiatives financed by the EU territorial cooperation programs;

b) the construction and consolidation of a Euro-Alpine partnership to promote encounter, exchange and collaboration;

c) supporting linguistic and socio-cultural minorities considering them as cultural heritage and local identity.

The Study Center is responsible for mapping of tangible and intangible elements, which constitute the natural, cultural and linguistic heritage of the cross-border area and participates in the identification of thematic tourist routes in the areas of Comelico and Altipiano di Asiago.



We expect to promote the cultural value of linguistic minorities through paths that enhance them and can act as a driver for sustainable local economic development.



Prof. Viviana Ferrario, Project Coordinator Associate Professor in Geography at the Iuav University in Venice and President of the Foundation. Expert in international research projects focused landscape and cultural heritage. Viviana is project and activity coordinator and scientific responsible.

Livio Olivotto, Project supervisor as general manager of the CST Foundation and responsible for legal and financial affairs. He will guarantee the correct and transparent management of the project.

Luana Silveri, Project assistant, supports the team in achieving project objectives and project results as well as in the administrative and communication activities related to the project.

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