PRIMIS project: we present Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region – Regional directorate for culture and sports



Friuli Venezia Giulia is an autonomous Italian region that borders with Austria and Slovenia. The officially recognized languages are 4: Italian, Slovenian, Friulano and German.The Regional directorate for culture and sports main objective is to preserve, enhance and increase the cultural heritage and cultural activities in the regional territory and to implement targeted interventions for the enhancement and promotion of minority languages. Linguistic diversity is part of the cultural heritage of our region.In Primis project, the Regional directorate for culture and sports is responsible for the various  communication activities to guarantee the accessibility of information and the promotion and dissemination of the results achieved.

In the project, the Regional directorate works in synergy with Informest, an international economic cooperation agency, with many years of experience in managing Interreg projects.



We would like to enhance, in terms of tourism, the multicultural and multi-lingual characteristics of local communities and the promotion of the cross-border territory. Cross-border cooperation is therefore necessary, as it combines the diversity and peculiarities linked to multiculturalism and multilingualism by creating a unique image of the program area. We would like to increase the attractiveness of the Region, developing a sustainable cultural tourism, centered on the tangible and intangible heritage of local communities.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by

Elena Mengotti: Project Manager, in charge of legal, financial and EU affairs in FVG AR. She will supervise the overall management of the project.

Petar Šikić: Project Officer, he will support the project team with communication and translation activities.

Walter Goruppi: Project Expert, responsible for processing the communication material contents and for updating the official website and social media accounts.

Cristiana D’Incà: Financial Manager, responsible for managing administrative and financial activities.

Cinzia Bertino: Communication Manager, she will support the partnership in the management of internal and external communication activities.

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