PRIMIS project: we present self-governing coastal Community of Italian nationality of Koper



The self-governing coastal Community of Italian nationality of Koper is a public law subject. Its role is defined by the art. 64 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (RS) and the specific law on the Self-governing Communities of Nationality, approved by the Slovenian Parliament in 1994. We are the representative body of Slovenian citizens of Italian nationality in the Republic of Slovenia and represent their specific interests at the level highest institutional level. The Coastal CAN univocally represents the four Autonomous Communities of Italian Nationality present in the four municipalities of the nationally mixed territory of the RS (Koper/Capodistria, Izola/Isola, Piran/Pirano and Ankaran/Ancarano), financing their respective cultural programs through the contribution of the Ministry of Culture of the RS. The Coastal CAN Council is made up of representatives of municipal CANs. The 4 Municipal CANs are also subject of public law, they are part of local autonomies and co-founders of the respective kindergartens and elementary schools with teaching in Italian in Slovenia. Fundamental prerogatives of the Coastal CAN are the protection, promotion and enhancement of the Italian autochthonous minority in Slovenia in the institutional, political, cultural, linguistic, identity and scholastic context.



At the Coastal CAN we firmly believe that minority rights have not been implemented if the Community itself is not actively included in the social tissue of the territory in which it lives. To do this, in addition to the regular monitoring, implementation and preparation of standards for the protection of the native Italian minority, we are investing with conviction also in socio-economic, cultural and tourist activities. Thanks to the PRIMIS project, we will contribute to shape the presentation and contents of the first Italian Multimedia Center in Slovenia, based in Koper/Capodistria, in collaboration with the Italian Union. The exhibition contents, deriving from the mapping of the tangible and intangible assets of the Italian National Community in Slovenia, will be a useful tool to increase the recognition of the Italian native component in Slovenia. With the PRIMIS project, overall, we will contribute to increase the attractiveness of the area, taking into due consideration the rich historical, linguistic, architectural and cultural heritage that characterizes the Slovenian coast.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by:

Andrea Bartole, project expert