PRIMIS project: we present the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia



Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia (TGZ Slovenia) was established by the companies from the sector of tourism, hospitality and hotelling. Nowadays it connects app 270 member organizations, mostly companies and also educational organizations, research centres etc.Chamber has a long tradition as it was established over 115 years ago. Therefore, we are recognized as one of the key stake holder organizations in the field of tourism in Slovenia.

TGZS Slovenia has year of experience with organizing activities for youth, professional staff and other relevant target groups. We hold several public authorities, given by the Ministry of Economic development and Technology of Slovenia. One of them is also the authority for issuing the licences for the tourist guiders, the Hotelstars system implementation in Slovenia (advisory, control, etc).We are skilled also in the area of organizing events, preparation and implementing the communication campaigns, advising members of the Chamber, research and development in the tourism, …

The Chambers role in the “Primis” project is to actively participate in all program activities, to lead the part of the cultural ambassadors in Slovenia and Italy, to organize the multicultural workshops for youth and professional staff in tourism.



The project is very important for TGZ Slovenia as it complements the existing pillars that our Chamber has and executes in the favour of our 270 member organizations. Chamber is the lead partner of the operation Strategic Research Innovative Partnership for sustainable tourism in Slovenia, which supervises the Ministry of Economic development and Technology od Slovenia. Under the operation we are developing sustainable integral products in tourism, setting up training system for the staff with the purpose to achieve better service. So, our participation in the Primis project is crucial as the results will support the growth in Slovenian tourism. We will use various new products, transfer them to our members, connect them with cross-border companies and on the long run hopefully achieve higher level of cooperation and good partnership. One of the expected results would also be to empower the staff from the field of tourism, to become aware of the importance of life long learning, training, so they will know how to provide excellent experience of the tourists.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by

 Klavdija Perger_0_0.JPG  Klavdija Perger, Director – Project Expert


Katarina Ceglar_0_0_0.jpg Katarina Ceglar, Project Manager

Ajda.jpg Ajda Miklavčič, Junior Assistant / Project Officer