PRIMIS project: we present "Unione Italiana di Capodistria"



Unione Italiana is the organization of members of the Italian National Community in Slovenia and Croatia, founded with the aim of maintaining and promoting the Italian language, culture and identity in both countries, Slovenia and Croatia. Unione Italiana is structured into two different locations, one in Fiume (Croatia) and one in Koper (Slovenia).

In 2006, thanks to a European project (IQ EURO), it was established, within Unione Italiana based in Koper, the “Europa” Office, engaged in project management.

In over ten years of activity, the Office has participated in more than 40 cross-border projects, mainly on the ITA-SLO Interreg Program and IPA Adriatic, carrying out the activities planned in various areas: cultural promotion, tourism and cultural events, advertising and awareness campaigns against discrimination, language and cultural training. As part of cross-border cooperation, the long and fruitful collaboration with the Slovenian National Community in Friuli Venezia Giulia should be noted.



Through our participation in PRIMIS project, Unione Italiana wants to increase the visibility and knowledge of the Italian National Community in Slovenia and its historical and cultural heritage related to specific themes, such as: ancient customs and traditions, eminent intellectuals, architectural attractions, ancient and recent history.

The project also fosters the creation of a new but stable partnership, with the involvement of important representatives of the public and private sectors of the cross-border area, helping to strengthen the collaboration with the Slovenian National Community in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

All project partners will thus be able to contribute and benefit from the development strategy of the museum, tourist and multimedia offer envisaged, entering a tourist circuit that brings together the cultural heritage preserved by the individual bodies of the territory, guarantees a wider circulation of the material produced and increases the attractiveness, visibility and awareness of the territory, focusing particularly on young people, enhancing, finally, the linguistic, historical and cultural aspects that have always characterized it.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by: 

Maurizio Tremul, Coordinator – Project Manager

Sandro Vincoletto, Financial Manager

Marko Gregorič, Project Expert

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