PRIMIS project: we present the "Unione Regionale Economica Slovena"



Slovensko deželno gospodarsko združenje – Unione regionale economica slovena (SDGZ-URES) is a cross-category organization that, since 1946, has been bringing together both entrepreneurs and professionals of Italy’s Slovenian community. It brings together 500 Slovenian-minority entrepreneurs and 300 Italian entrepreneurs and has long been committed to the consolidation of cross-border economic ties: the excellent relationships established with the organizations and institutions of the Republics of Slovenia and Croatia, make up a valuable element in the way of institutional contact and among these areas’ professionals. It is active in promoting the Slovenian-Italian border area for tourism purposes and organises events and initiatives aiming at promoting local gastronomy and wine, as well as improving the area’s   recognisability as a tourism destination.



As an association of entrepreneurs rooted in the border area between Italy and Slovenia, we expect to produce results that benefit small and medium-sized businesses in the area that work in tourism, food and wine and craft. Our dream is to make our territory more visible and more attractive for tourists from all over the world.


PRIMIS TEAM is composed by  

Andrej Šik, director. He is responsible for the organizational structure of the association, in the project he is responsible for coordinating and supervising the work done, as well as representing the partner within the project.
Matteo Feruglio is a project manager with long experience in projects funded by EU funds, he is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the project on behalf of the association.
Jessica Štoka is an employee of the organizational secretariat. She graduated in tourism economics and has a long experience in organizing and managing food and wine and tourism events. In PRIMIS, she is the contact person for the execution of the planned activities in collaboration with the other project partners.

Borut Sardoč is an employee of the organizational secretariat. He takes care of the back office activities related to the accounting and management of external executors, and he supports the other team members in the execution of the planned activities.