PRIMIS - Update on the status of the activities for the creation of the multimedia platform and the creation of a tourist guide


Veneto Region is the partner responsible for coordinating the mapping of the material and immaterial heritage of the local historical communities of the project area, the processing of the contents and the identification of the itineraries of the thematic and geographic routes of the linguistic minorities, the lead actors of the PRIMIS project: the Italians in Slovenia, the Slovenians in Italy, the Cimbri, the Ladini, the Friuliani in Veneto.

All the collected material will be systematized and integrated into a responsive multimedia web platform with georeferenced maps, having the main objective of making contents and itineraries available, thus telling the historical and cultural specificities of the minorities areas through innovative tools that guarantee their attractiveness to a large audience of visitors.

Veneto Region Partner has awarded the development and implementation of the services required by the multimedia platform, to Almaviva, the leading Italian group in Information & Communication Technology.

The partners involved, according to shared guidelines and a matrix, are identifying the toponyms and points of interest (POI) of the 5 geographical areas of the project. These georeferenced points are enriched with text, audio and video content to consult. The POIs are therefore linked together in itineraries / thematic itineraries / geographic itineraries.

Veneto Region partner, the Lead Partner and the interested Partners have managed to define the methods for inserting the contents so far mapped and the site's graphic design has been approved. The responsive layout of the site will allow optimal viewing even from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

The software is almost completed and includes the compatibility of multilingualism, the positioning of interactive maps with the identification of POIs and itineraries, the relative information sheets accompanied by images, audios, videos and textual descriptions.

The platform will be hosted on the website of the Lead Partner of the Italian Union which will guarantee its sustainability beyond the conclusion of the project through constant implementation and updating.