Project SALUTE-ZDRAVSTVO among Interact's "Stories of European Cooperation"


The 2022 edition of the Interact’s "Stories of European Cooperation" publication is dedicated to young people and their involvement in Interreg programmes and projects. The title of this year's publication is "Youngsters building together a better Europe".

The European Union's cohesion policy strives to improve life for all citizens, ensuring that everyone in the EU has a fair chance to a good quality of life. To achieve this goal, we need to involve young people, who are our future.

This year's text takes its inspiration from the Manifesto for young people to young people to shape the European cooperation policy. The Manifesto highlights five fields of action where young people think that Interreg could make the difference:

1) improving young people's skills and increase the access to training opportunities;

2) boosting employment for young people in Europe;

3)simplification of tools and a better communication via digital tools;

4) addressing climate change issues for a better future;

5) boosting citizen's engagement in policy making and implementation.


Inside the publication there is an article entitled “Boosting social inclusion and mental health” , which is about the SALUTE-ZDRAVSTVO project, co-funded by the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Cooperation Programme. The project facilitated access to health services in the cross-border area of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter. The article includes the testimony of Alessandro Calligaro, a final user of the project. Alessandro explains how the project helped him deal with his anxiety-related problems and his inclusion in society.

The article was written by our IVY (Interreg Volunteer Youth) volunteer Nicole Meneghetti and is published in English at the following link or here attached.

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