SECAP: February 5, 2021, VIDEO CONFERENCE "Decision support tools to fight climate change - strategies and opportunities"


Main aim of the event is to present the progress of the study developed on the territory of the Metropolitan City of Venice for  investigating aspects related to adaptation to climate change. The approach adopted to implement strategic and territorial planning will be illustrated with the aim of developing actions that are no longer just risk mitigation, but also adaptation to future climate scenarios, focusing  to the main consequences due to rising temperatures, the floods resulting from the intense rains, the hydrogeological risks on an already fragile territory. Further to a focus on the state of current planning, the interventions will develop analyzes of the main vulnerabilities present on the territory, in relation to the climatic phenomena of greatest impact, proposing a decision support approach using GIS instrumentation. The workshop will also conclude with some concrete examples of intervention on the territory to combat climate change, especially highlighting the role of lowland forests in the metropolitan context.



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