SECAP: Inauguration of the Energy House in Mirano


On November 15th, in the laboratory called "Casa dell’Energia" (Energy House) at the secondary school Levi-Ponti in Mirano (Venice), the inaugural event was held with an illustrative visit and affixing of the SECAP project plaque, at the conclusion of the works relating to the rolling tank.
We were welcomed by the Headmaster Dr. Marialuisa Favaro, who underlined the crucial role of the works carried out thanks to the close collaboration between local institutions, professionals and public bodies. A network that unites the territory and makes it possible to train citizens who are attentive to the reading of their surroundings and profound connoisseurs of the vulnerabilities that we will have to face, aware of the climate change in progress.
For the Metropolitan City of Venice, Dr. Massimo Gattolin, Director of the Environment Area, with the support of Dr. Domenico Fischetti, illustrated the importance of integrating spatial data for the development of systems of choice for decisions. The knowledge of the territory in which we live, of the sensitive elements and of the exposure to risks allows to direct public / private investments towards policies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
As part of the SECAP project, the information assets of the Metropolitan City of Venice - SITM (Metropolitan Territorial Information System) have been increased and through dedicated web-gis, the integration of reports and the development of indicators, it has been possible to create tools to support Municipalities in the implementation of Action Plans for Sustainable Energy and Climate.
Arch. Claudio Paggiarin, described the works carried out for the construction of the tank dedicated to hydraulic invariance, built thanks to the funding of the SECAP project. The work is proposed as a "pilot action" for the improvement of territorial planning, management and regulation of rainwater, with works to enhance the territories and improve urban and environmental quality.
Last but not least, Professor Ezio Da Villa, who passionately illustrated the functioning of the Energy House, the potential of this type of building and attention to mitigating the effects of climate change. Some former students of the IIS Levi Ponti accompanied the guests in the visit to the premises and in the illustration of many other technical aspects, who have shown that they know and are passionate about the subject, a sign that the hours spent studying the measurements of the innovative technologies of Casa dell'Energia, does not exhaust its educational task within the school walls, but involves the network of citizens and professionals of today and tomorrow.
An opportunity for exchange and enrichment that allows us to rethink the policies related to energy issues with new eyes.

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