Smart Working and Cross-Border Solidarity: The Participation of Young Interreg Volunteers Continues From Home


Even in these difficult times, young people's commitment does not stop. Since mid-May, Claire, the new IVY (Interreg Volunteer Youth), has joined the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 Programme team.

Claire has been able to take the opportunity offered by the AEBR (Association of European Border Regions). Since 2017, the Association has given young Europeans the chance to actively participate in cross-border cooperation, through an in-depth field experience to introduce them to the many advantages of cooperation between the internal borders of the EU. It is an initiative that offers volunteers the opportunity to express their creativity, to have a concrete impact towards greater European solidarity and to strengthen their sense of citizenship and civic engagement.

Claire is one of the four volunteers across Europe who will carry out this experience remotely. She will be able to count on the support of Marcella, ex-IVY, but also and especially on the entire staff of the Programme Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat.

So far, 466 volunteers have participated in this adventure throughout Europe, 14 of them on the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Programme. Despite the emergency, this initiative keeps going.

The challenge of making more and more young people participate in Interreg Programmes lies, according to Marcella, in "finding an attractive and engaging way to acquaint them with the European Territorial Cooperation and the opportunities it offers; motivating young people towards an active participation within the big European family so that they can feel part of the decision-making process. In this regard, the AEBR's initiative, to which the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme adheres every year, is a wonderful opportunity to foster youth engagement by youth”.

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