WASTE DESIGN - Bad situation on ecological islands will be replaced by underground garbage cans


The municipality of Postojna is a leading partner in the Waste design project, which, among other things, strives to reuse waste, raise public awareness of harmful issues and improve existing situation.

As part of the Waste design project, underground ecological islands will be established in the municipality of Postojna. After a successful public tender for the selection of a contractor, the works will begin next week.

The construction of submersible garbage cans will be carried out in two locations, with purpose of transforming the location where there are unexampled waste disposal practices into properly regulated waste disposal locations.

Initially, construction work will be carried out at the location of the ecological island on Ljubljanska (near the cemetery), where three underground ecological islands will be established for paper, plastic and glass. Furthermore, three underground ecological islands (paper, plastic and glass) will also be established on Volaričeva, where an additional platform for collecting oil, clothes and electronics will also be arranged.

The possibility of establishing a submersible ecological island at the Zeleni biser location is also being studied, but was eliminated due to changes in the prices of materials on the market.

The contractor for the works, which will last until the end of November, is the company EKO PLUS d.o.o. The investment, which is 85% co-financed from the Interreg Slovenia-Italy program, is worth EUR 124,201.00 including VAT.