Priority Axis 3: Protecting and promoting natural and cultural resources

TO 6: Preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.

In the framework of the Priority axis 3 there are financed 13 projects, of which 8 standard and 5 strategic projects, as listed below.

Standard projects financed in the framework of the Priority axis 3 - Investment Priority 6C: 8

AGROTUR II - Sustainable agriculture and tourism development in the cross-border Karst region

BLUEGRASS - To promote the development of a green agri-food industry through the introduction of the aquaponics

CONA - The improvement of the ecological status of the Corno river and the Isonzo river mouth in the Adriatic

ISONZO-SOČA - Isonzo-Soča Cross-border Park

MEDS GARDEN - An indigenous Mediterranean Garden and culinary art for the preservation of the typical regional identity

NAT2CARE - Engagement of Citizens for the Restoration and Conservation of cross-border N2K areas

RETRACKING - Towards the circular economy: traceability of manufactured products made from Fibre-Reinforced Composites (FRC)

tARTini - Cultural tourism under the banner of Giuseppe Tartini

GREVSLIN - Green infrastructures for the conservation and improvement of the condition of habitats and protected species along the rivers

MERLIN CV - Multisensorial experiences linked to the castles and villas of the cross-border region for excellence in tourism

PRIMIS - Multicultural journez between Italz and Slovenia through the prism of minorities

VISFRIM - Water-related risk management for the Vipava river basin and other cross-border basins

WALKofPEACE - the sustainable development of first world war heritage between the Alps and the Adriatic