Programming period 2021 - 2027

Following the publication of the multiannual financial framework for the period 2021-2027, on May 29th and 30th, 2018, the European Commission published the draft Regulations relating to the Cohesion Policy 2021-2027. (Legislative framework)

On the ground of thematic concentration, the eleven thematic objectives used in 2014-2020 cohesion policy have been replaced by five policy objectives:

  • A smarter Europe – innovation, digitalization, smart economic development;
  • A greener, low-carbon Europe - which implements the Paris Convention and invests in energy transformation, renewable energy, fight against climate change;
  • A more connected Europe – mobility and regional ICT connectivity;
  • A more social Europe – implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights (employment, education, social inclusion and equal access to health care);
  • Europe closer to citizens – strategies for local sustainable and integrated development.

Two Interreg-specific objectives are set out in the proposed regulation:

  • better Interreg governance;
  • a safer and more secure Europe.

The negotiation process by the Member States with the European Commission is still ongoing. With regard to the draft Regulations on the future of European Territorial Cooperation, the EC / Member States negotiation has been focusing on the main news of the regulations proposals (reduction of ERDF funds at national level, reduction of the co-financing rate; review of cooperation areas; methodology of fund allocation based on resident population within 25 km from the land border; reintroduction of expenditure target N + 2).