Invitation letter for the Operation of strategic importance “KRAS-CARSO II - Joint management and sustainable development of the Classical Karst Area”. The project proposal shall be submitted through the IT-SI Programme joint electronic monitoring system, herein “Jems” at by 20/02/2023.


Approved on April 26th 2023. Communication of approval occurred on April 28th 2023.


Decree of establishment of the Commission for the project evaluation 

( 121.21 KB, published on 30. 3. 2023 )


!! NOTICE !!  - 10. 02. 2023

Due to technical malfunction of the Jems system, while waiting to investigate the causes of the problem, the deadline for submission of projects is postponed to Monday, February 20th, h. 13.00.59.


published on 13. 12. 2022