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Jun 07 2018

Project event - CW_WBL - first meeting of experts

In the framework of the project titled "Slovene-Italian Alliance for Cross-Border Work Based Learning” (acronym CB_WBL) approved under the INTERR

Jun 05 2018

Event: meeting with INNOVACT on the Italian-Slovenian border

On June 7, the Cooperation Programme V-A Interreg Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 will host

Jun 01 2018


May 11 2018

Event - Seminar ESPON

On May 16th, the seminar “New thinking on functional urban areas, polycentric territorial structures and cross border collaboration: contributions from ESPON research”, organized within the ESPON Cooperation Programme, will be hold in Nova Gorica.

Apr 20 2018

Earth day 2018

On Sunday, 22 April 2018, EARTH DAY is celebrated. The Programme Interreg V-A Italia Slovenia 2014-2020 also adheres to the largest environmental event on the planet that this year focuses on the mobilization of the world to eliminate plastic pollution.

Programme Area

The Programme area extends over a total surface of 19,841 km² and has a total population of approximately 3 million inhabitants. The entire Programme area includes 5 Italian NUTS3 level regions (provinces of Venice, Udine, Pordenone, Gorizia and Trieste) and 5 Slovenian statistical regions (statistical regions of Primorsko-notranjska,Osrednjeslovenska, Gorenjska, Obalno-kraška and Goriška). Overall, on NUTS2 level on the Italian side, the regions involved are those of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, while for the Slovenian side, Vzhodna Slovenija and Zahodna Slovenija.

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