Call for proposals No 01/2022 of the Interreg VI-A Italy-Slovenia Programme for the submission of capitalization project proposals is published.


The call closed on 20/12/2022 at 13:00:59.


Ranking lists

Ranking lists of the projects proposals submitted within the capitalization call n. 01/2022 approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee On April 18th, 2023 and published on April 24th, 2023:

Ranking lists

On May 30th, 2023, the Programme Monitoring Committee approved (written procedure n. 11) the scrolling down ranking lists of the projects proposals submitted within the capitalization call n. 01/2022, published on June 1st, 2023:

Scrolling down ranking lists



( 389.24 KB, published on 07. 4. 2023 )



( 1.2 MB, published on 20. 2. 2023 )


Call Documentation (Application Package)

  • Annex I - Partnership Agreement (.pdf - .doc)
  • Annex IIa (.pdf - .doc) and Annex IIb (.pdf - .doc) - LP Statement;
  • Annex IIIa (.pdf - .doc) and Annex IIIb (.pdf - .doc) - PP Statement;
  • Annex IV - Delegation for data verification (.pdf - .doc);
  • Annex Va (.pdf - .doc) and Annex Vb (.pdf - .doc) – Declaration for partners outside Programme area;
  • Annex VIa (.pdf - .doc) and Annex VIb (.pdf - .doc) – Identification of the output to be capitalised with reference to the 2014-20 project, respectively for concluded and ongoing projects;
  • Annex VIIa (.xls) and VIIb (.xls) - Simplified financial statement (applicable only to private LPs);
  • Annex VIII - Template of the Subsidy Contract (.pdf - .doc);
  • A summary of the project proposal in Italian, Slovene and English language (no formal Annex is provided).

The Application Package is available here:

( 5.71 MB, published on 11. 4. 2023 )


Additional Documentation

In order to facilitate the application process, the following documents are also available:

  • ANNEX A – Legal requirements for LP/PP (.pdf)
  • ANNEX B – Assessment Criteria (.pdf)
  • ANNEX C – Checklist on Assessment Criteria (.pdf)
  • ANNEX D – Off-line template of Application Form (for information purpose only) (.pdf)
  • ANNEX E – Requirements for environmental monitoring (for information purpose only, to be applied and met only by financed capitalization projects, where relevant) (.pdf)
  • Programme Manuals and Guidelines (.pdf)

Additional documentation is available here:

( 4.96 MB, published on 11. 4. 2023 )


Programme manual on eligibility of expenditures is available here:

( 1.9 MB, published on 07. 4. 2023 )


Procedure for Project Proposals Submission

Applicants are required to electronically submit their project proposal by using "Jems", at the link


JEMS Platform

Go to Jems


JEMS User Manual

JEMS User Manual (ITA) - version 1, november 2022

JEMS User Manual (SLO) - version 1, november 2022


JEMS Video Tutorials and Workshop Recordings

At the following links you can view short videos on the functioning of the JEMS system:

Video 1 - How to access the system: ITA SLO

Video 2 - Structure and first steps for application: ITA SLO

Video 3 - Budget and co-financing: ITA & SLO


At the following links you can view the full recordings of the workshops on the presentation of the call for capitalisation (24.10.22) and on the Programme's communication activities (6.12.22)

Workshop 24.10.22 | Presentation of the Call for Capitalisation No. 1/2022 (ITA & SLO)

Workshop 6.12.22 | Programme Communication Activities (ITA SLO)



For further information on this call and/or the Programme, please contact:


Joint Secretariat

Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

Central Directorate for Finance

Accounting Unit

Address: via del Lavatoio, 1

34132 - Trieste (Italy)

Tel.: +39 040 3775993 – 3316942779 - 331 6942778

(Monday-Wednesday from 8.30 AM to 4 PM)




Upon prior agreement, the Joint Secretariat can also be consulted through online platforms.


Slovene applicants can send questions about this Call also to:


Slovene National contact point (NCP)


Telephone: +386 5 7318533


Upon a prior agreement, it is possible to consult the NCP via online platforms or on site:

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy

European Territorial Cooperation and Financial Mechanisms Division

Štanjel Regional Office  

address: Štanjel 1a, SI-6222 Štanjel (Slovenia)


published on 24. 10. 2022