15.00 - Travelling geo-exhibition on the Classical Karst and the geopark

Bilingual (Italian and Slovenian) guided tour of the exhibition
The 6 panels, with texts in Italian and Slovenian, will show the most important geological features of the Karst and the cross-border geopark. In scientific language suitable for the school population, the geological history, the most important karst phenomena and the geological sites are described, which can be easily visited by less experienced hikers.
Part of the exhibition is devoted to good behaviour in the geopark in order to prevent damage and preserve the natural, geological and cultural heritage.The exhibition provides only basic information that invites visitors to explore and learn more about this fascinating area, rich in history and culture.

The exhibition will remain open to the public during the wine exhibition, until 4 June 2023.
Location: Sgonico Primary School


For further information visit: https://www.visitkras.info/en/plan-your-stay/events/kras-carso-cross-border-geopark-week