BeBlue, a project in the field of aquaponics, will be present at the prestigious AquaFarm exhibition in Pordenone. 

Aqua Farm is recognized as the leading trade show in the field of aquaponics, attracting experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the sector. BeBlue's participation in this context provides an excellent platform to showcase progress and consolidate strategic partnerships.

This event marks the second launch event of the project. It will allow BeBlue to showcase its cutting-edge solutions and will be a unique opportunity to meet project stakeholders, including investors, business partners, and supporters. It will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas, visions, and strategies, with the aim of promoting innovation in the aquaponics sector.


BeBlue invites all interested parties to participate in the AquaFarm exhibition on February 14th and 15th, 2024, to learn more about the project and contribute to the development of a sustainable and innovative future in the agricultural sector.