The workshop is aimed at cavers and managers of tourist caves in the KRAS CARSO Geopark.

The KRAS-CARSO II project, which involves Slovenian and Italian partners, has among its objectives the training and networking of tourist cave managers in the Karst-Carso Geopark. The Karst Caves are an outstanding natural heritage and, due to their characteristics, they are also an extremely fragile and sensitive natural environment. We are all committed to their protection and preservation, and especially the managers of the tourist caves.

With your participation in the workshop, we will develop common guidelines for the management of tourist caves in the Karst-Carso Geopark, both for the Slovenian and the Italian side. The activity is led by the Slovenian Nature Conservation Agency, in cooperation with project partners Ć kocjanska Caves Park, Slovenia, the Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU and the FJK Region.

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