Veneto Agricoltura and the Alto Adriatico Technological Pole will participate in the Longarone Agrimont Fair on Saturday 16 March to present the BEE2GETHER project. Specifically, there will be a meeting at 2 pm at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti on the theme "Agro-forestry and technological innovation for the protection of agricultural biodiversity". 

Mountain agriculture is fundamental for the livelihood of those who live in the area: it provides food, shapes the Alpine landscape and protects biodiversity, preserves traditions and knowledge. Given the current scenario of climate change, and the consequent modification of the agricultural landscape and its functions, it is increasingly necessary to define innovative strategies that aim at the protection of species and habitats and above all at the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, especially in mountain areas.

 Technological innovations, monitoring and agro-forestry techniques are an aid in moving towards a model of environmental sustainability and therefore identifying the most suitable and sustainable cultivation techniques from an environmental, economic and social point of view. 

In this context, particular attention goes to beekeeping, threatened by pollution and environmental and climatic alterations, to preserve the fundamental role of bees in the natural and agricultural production cycle and in the conservation of biodiversity.