Risonanze, the music festival that takes instruments to play where they were born, in front of the world-renowned Resonance Fir Trees of the Val Saisera. In the heart of the forest, inside the sounds and silences of nature; where greenery becomes a curtain, a wall, and architecture. In addition to the concerts this year, the forest of Tarvisio will invade the spaces of Palazzo Veneziano in Malborghetto-Valbruna with an exclusive exhibition. The strength of the seasons, the truth of nature in Val Saisera enter Palazzo with the exhibition GO! Into the forest from June 2 - 30: curated by Lara Magri for a project that integrates real plant areas with large images of Carlo Spaliviero, areas in which attendees can touch nature, curl up, and listen to the sounds of the forest in perfect harmony with the spirit of the festival. 

The FVG Orchestra will provide Risonanze an event with a great tourist impact and visibility for the TARTINI BIS project.

FVG Orchestra

Sunday June 2, at 18.00
Church of the Visitation of Mary and St. Anthony, Malborghetto (UD)

Massimo Mercelli, flute
Fabrizio Ruggero, conductor
FVG Orchestra

Music by G. Tartini, W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert


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