Tourism Matching returns to Trieste again! On Monday, 8 April 2024, from 16.00 to 19.00, at the Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel in Trieste, LAS Karst, in cooperation with the ORA Karst and Brkina Region and Promoturismo FVG, will offer a valuable training opportunity for cross-border tourism professionals. The "Tourism Matching" event is an invitation to cooperation between sustainability-oriented professionals in the fields of hospitality, gastronomy and wine with the aim of deepening the understanding of the local offer of slow tourism, food and drink and creating bridges between Italy and Slovenia and between the Karst and Trieste.

"The added value of this event," explains David Pizziga, President of LAS Karst, "is to create a moment to understand together what the Karst is and what it offers. Tourism Matching is a bridge where all those working in the hospitality industry, entrepreneurs, workers and public administrators who are particularly involved in outdoor tourism can meet. But also those who know how to appreciate the importance of a journey based on meeting and discovering the local community, people, food, traditions, landscapes and architecture. A bridge that can become a meeting point between two areas separated by borders, such as Italy and Slovenia or Istria, as well as between the Karst and its reference city, Trieste."

The event will be organised in three parts: a round table, a meeting of practitioners and a "slow" aperitif.

After the official greetings by David Pizziga, President of LAS Karst, and Edi Fabjan, KRAS-CARSO II Project Manager at the ORA of Karst and Brkina, the round table will start with the title "Karst and Trieste, small worlds, wide horizons", with the participation of some cross-border stakeholders: Francesca Baldereschi, Head of Slow Food Travel at Slow Food Italy, Astrid Prašnikar from ROS, the Head of Slow Food Travel at Slow Food Italy, Francesca Baldereschi from Slow Food Italy, Astrid Prašnikar from ROS. Turist, Institute for Responsible Tourism, and Riccardo Zanellotti, Director of Savoia Excelsior Palace - Starhotels. The meeting will be moderated by Sanela Čoralič, journalist of Primorski dnevnik.
This will be followed by a workshop with a questionnaire entitled 'Karst and Trieste - Tourism and Promotion', moderated by Stefania Boccabianca (Prandicom), which will ask questions that were also generated when the authors of the questionnaire were confronted with artificial intelligence. The innovative questionnaire aims to involve the event participants in an active debate on the possible development of the Carpathian area. The collected answers will be commented together with the moderators and the audience.

After the roundtable, we will move on to the main part of the event, entitled Meet the players who make travellers' dreams come true. This will be the moment to meet the eighteen most important organisers of culinary and outdoor experiences operating in the cross-border area: nine in the Italian part of the Karst and nine in the Slovenian part of the Karst. Each "creator" will have its own space in which to develop new cooperation opportunities and professional ideas for tourist hospitality with interested parties.  

The event will end with a "slow" aperitif based on local and sustainable products, designed by culinary specialist Alice Noel Fabi. There will be "artisan" wines "squeezed from the white karst rock" and delicacies from small farmers working between Italy and Slovenia, considered heroic for the difficulty of cultivating the karst soil. In addition, three local Slow Food communities, recognised for their respect for nature and its rhythms, will be presented. There will also be a seasonal offer of non-alcoholic beverages.

Robi Jakomin, GAL Carso - LAS Kras, +39 040 9778593
Ana Hrast, ORA Krasa in Brkinov, +386 51 384 088