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Workshop for the presentation of the SPF GO! 2025 Call No. 02/2024 in Italian language.

The Small Project Fund GO! 2025 is an instrument whose main objective is the preparation of the cross-border territory for the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica - Gorizia 2025.

It is aimed at associations, businesses, organizations, educational institutions and universities, public and private entities, of the Programme cross-border territory.

On April 10th, a workshop will be organized by EGTC GO to support proposers in understanding the Call No. 02/2024 and explaining the documentation attached to it.

The workshop will take place in Portogruaro, at VeGAL headquarters (Via Cimetta 1, Portogruaro, Italy).

The workshop will be held in Italian.

Registration is required for in-person participation.


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Registration will be open until Monday, April 8th.

The call and all related documentation is available on the EGTC GO website at the following link:

SPF (link)