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We are pleased to invite you to the introductory conference of the Be Blue project, which is part of the cross-border cooperation program Interreg VI-A Italy Slovenia, titled "Knowledge Exchange and Introduction of Sustainability - Aquaponics between Italy and Slovenia." The conference provides an opportunity to discuss innovative approaches in sustainable agriculture and the opportunities brought by aquaponics.


The conference will commence with opening remarks from the lead partner of the project, Roberto Pastres from Ca' Foscari University, and Elena Semenzin, the Sustainability Delegate at Ca' Foscari University, who will shed light on the importance of sustainability and the role of the Interreg VI-A Italy Slovenia program in this project. Important guests will also address the participants: Claudia Ferluga from the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg program VI-A Italy Slovenia, Luca Tenderini from the Veneto Region, and Renato Palazzi from Veneto Agricoltura.

Daniele Brigolin from IUAV will present the results of the BLUEGRASS project and its legacy, while Roberto Pastres from UNIVE will talk about the future planning of aquaponics. Enric Gisbert from IRTA will introduce us to marine aquaponics and the combined production of halophyte plants and fish.

The experiences in sustainable food production for rearing sea bass and sea bream in multitrophic systems, as demonstrated in the SIMTAP project, will be presented by representatives of the University of Pisa, Baldassare Fronte, and Lorenzo Rossi. Alberto Pardossi and Carlo Bibbiani from the University of Pisa will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multitrophic aquaponics and share insights from the SIMTAP project.

The afternoon session will be led by Marco Francese from Shoreline, and will be dedicated to stakeholders in the agri-food sector. It will start with a plenary session with a Metaplan approach. Participants will then be divided into thematic panels to discuss best practices in monitoring techniques. With the help of facilitators, participants will build common perspectives and assess interest in aquaponics among actors in the agriculture and fisheries sectors.


You are cordially invited to participate in the knowledge exchange and the building of a sustainable future in the aquaponics sector between Italy and Slovenia. Participation in the event is free of charge. However, for organizational reasons, you need to register by filling out the form at this link:


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