From 2 to 6 September 2024, an interesting summer school will be held for students and researchers of biology, environmental sciences, ecology, and nature conservation. In the area of ​​the Škocjan caves Park and the Beka Landscape Park, we will explore amphibians, beetles, reptiles and birds, as well as plant diversity. Special attention will also be paid to ecosystem services of the two parks.

Under the mentorship of experts, we will obtain information about the presence of animal and plant species through field work and enhance our knowledge about the selected species and green infrastructure. We will also visit the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve on the Italian side of the border, that together with the Beka Landscape Park rounds off the diverse natural area, and we will tour the Škocjan Caves

The participation in the summer school is free of charge, as it is made possible by the ENGREEN 2 and E-NAT2CARE projects, which are co-financed by the European Union as part of the Program Interreg VI-A Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027. The event will be cross-border, intended for Slovenian, Italian and English-speaking participants. By learning about the diversity and importance of protecting the Natura 2000 Karst, we will contribute to the development of the area for a balanced preservation of nature and quality of life.

The summer school is organised by: Škocjan Caves Park, University of Primorska - Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology, Municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina, National Institute of Biology and Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle - Občina Dolina.

More information about the summer school can be found in the attached invitation.

Registration is open at the following link until Monday, 15 July, or until the 20 vacancies are filled.